Hydration Accessory 3 Plecak Hydro Optic Blue

179,00 zł


Gregory’s 3D Hydro reservoir is engineered with a patented, flex-molded 3D design that performs like a reservoir but dries as quickly, and cleanly as a water bottle. The Spine comolded handle and rigid baseplate provide stable, hasslefree refills and the integrated hose port and routing for ease of use never seen before in a hydration reservoir. When combined with our proprietary SpeedClip mounting system, Drylock magnetic bite valve, integrated QuickDry hangar, and inline hose quick-disconnect, the 3D hydro reservoir provides you with an unrivaled hydration system.

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Szczegóły produktu

Model Plecak Hydro
Kolor Optic Blue
Materiał Metallocene PE Film (BPA & PVC Free)
Wymiary 17.8 x 43.8 x 7.6 cm
Pojemność 3 L
Waga 0.2 kg
SKU 126864-5583
179,00 zł