Who we are

Exploration is about the spirit and drive to make your life what you want, and our mission is to build packs you trust to take you there.

We—the folks who make up Gregory Mountain Products in Salt Lake City, Utah—are just like you. We’re balancing hours at the office and making time for the outdoors, managing teams and families, sending lots of emails, searching for new trails to get on, making sure our pooches get enough exercise and wondering what’s for dinner.

We know what it’s like to find our way between the daily and the dream. We understand it takes exploration, spirit, and drive every day to make your life what you want. We’re dedicated to building gear you can trust to take you there because we’re on our way, too.


This simple design philosophy inspires us to create the most comfortable and most reliable packs in the world. This foundation becomes a reality through our focus on unique fit geometry and customized chassis technologies which, combined, make Gregory packs extensions of your body not unlike your favorite T-shirt or hat.

We are makers at heart

Our packs are designed with hand-crafted prototypes made by skilled artisans at our headquarters in Salt Lake City, USA. We use cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking backpack solutions to make the most streamlined and reliable technical packs on the market.

Our Office View

In 2015, we designed and built a new global headquarters office a few miles south of Salt Lake City at the base of the Wasatch Mountains, giving our team amazing access to world-class hiking, biking, fishing, skiing, and snowboarding within a stone's throw of the office.

Gregory Culture

If you drop into our office on any given day, you’ll find plenty of bikes, skis, dirty shoes, beer cans in the recycling bin, and nearly as many dogs as there are people. Plus packs, of course—tons of packs!

How It's Made

We build our prototypes right here in our office and walk out the back door to test them. With 270-degree views from our office windows, we can feel the energy of the mountains all around us.


Keep the dreamer alive

SINCE 1977

Our founder, Wayne Gregory, was born with a simple passion to design backpacks he could trust on the most ambitious of life adventures. He did this by pioneering new suspension systems that work with your body instead of against it, paying relentless attention to men’s and women’s fit, and inventing new materials and construction techniques. Wayne’s unique approach to design gave him the confidence to offer his famous lifetime guarantee, which we still honor to this very day.


Over the next four decades, Wayne’s obsession with innovation, performance, and comfort guided our evolution into a world-leading bag company, trusted for adventure in over 45 countries. We have been the recipients of countless innovation and product awards, but most importantly, our packs have been worn on millions of life adventures and have created a million smiles along the way!