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Meet our badass team of adventurers, product testers, entrepreneurs, and content creators. Meet the Gregory Ambassador Team.

Cécile Munsch

More comfortable in trail shoes or climbing shoes than in stiletto heels, I have been in love with nature since a very young age. Mountain guide and photographer I take pleasure in traveling the mountain throughout the year with a particular preference for hiking away from the crowds! Mom of little Lou, I can't wait to go on an adventure with my family.


Peio Gaillard

„Work less to ski more!“ that's my motto... Mountain guide and photographer, I enjoy being in the mountains as often as possible throughout the year, whether skiing, mountain biking, hiking or climbing. For me, nothing is more beautiful than sharing a bivouac with my darling or my friends, enjoying a sunset and sharing a good meal with your head in the stars! The pleasure of discovery remains the most important, enjoy!


Elmar Teegelbeckers

Founder of and an enthusiastic hiker. You can wake him up for the most beautiful trails, preferably in the mountains or desolated areas. Walked the Annapurna Circuit, Fishermen's Trail and various hut to hut trails in the European Alps. Is currently preparing for the Slovenian Mountain Trail which he plans to hike in 2022. Works at the NKBV (Dutch Mountaineering Association) and writes for or hits the trails.


Folkert Lenz

I love alpine sports where helmets are mandatory. Be it on the rock with two climbing slippers, on the via ferrata with two carabiners, in the ice with two 12-pin-crampons, in the snow with two skis or on the mountain bike with two rough tires. One hand is always free for camera and microphone. As a travel and outdoor journalist, I manage to combine work and adventure perfectly. My "workplace" is outdoors in nature for about four months of the year. And high peaks outside of Europe - be it in the Himalayas or in South America - attract me magically. „Work like others go on vacation“: My slogan of life!



We are Jannik and Thomas, and together we are Trekkinglife! At Trekkinglife, it is all about trekking and hiking adventures, but most importantly, having a great time in nature. This can be on a long distance trail in Germany, a roadtrip through Scandinavia, or an outdoor week in the Alps. We try to combine the best of two worlds, and that’s why we call ourselves „Body“ (Jannik) and „Brain“ (Thomas). You will understand when you follow our adventures. But when it comes to a cold beer after a long and active day, we are all the same and enjoy it likewise!


Karl Einar Nybø

I am from the heart of the Sunnmøre Alps. I basically love the outdoors and the mountains. Definitely ski touring is my favorite activity. I rather carry some extra weight and have only one awesome decent. I really like sleeping in a tent and try to do it as much as time allows me. And when you have great backpacks as the Gregory «big bastard» aka Baltoro 100 Pro (or was it the other way around?) it is for sure no problem and you can throw in some extra kilos in form of a box of red wine. Have a smooth outdoor experience wherever you go!


Ryan Colley

Growing up on the rugged west coast of New Zealand, Ryan’s passion for the outdoors started at a young age. That has since grown into a love for mountains and he has been fortunate enough to base his life around climbing. His ideal day outdoors would start by going into the mountains to climb with a good friend, becoming scared and questioning why he put himself in this situation, somehow getting to the top of the mountain, high fiving, and then heading back to camp for a beer.


Kate Strzelska

I am a freediving girl. This is what drives me to explore the world and travel. However hiking and long-distance treks are something that makes me go crazy too! I trekked Annapurna Circuit, Caucasus, Daxue Shan in China and the best of it - Andes, discovering ancient Incas cities and trails. I hitchhiked both islands of New Zealand, I camped wild at the remote Tonga beaches of South Pacific. I felt small yet privileged surrounded by the great volcanoes of Atacama. All this with super resistant Deva 60l backpack. I do yoga for keeping my mind and body balanced. Still looking for new destinations and adventure goals.


Kostek Strzelski

I am freespirit video and photo visual creator. I travel, I hike, I ski, I freedive. I love adventures, exploration and wildlife watching. I share all my passions with my wife Kate and I think this is the best what I’ve been gifted so far. Through the years I gained experience in all aspects of my multi-skilled profession. I come from Poland where I currently live and work as a video producer working both as a production manager and filmmaker/camera operator. I love what I do. For long distance treks my backpack of choice is Gregory Baltoro.


Exped Tribe

What started back in 2009 as a group of like-minded friends, thirsty for exotic adventures and exploration, in 2021 finally turned into a company offering alpine tours in Switzerland and expeditions abroad for commercial purposes, thoroughly developed. From hiking through Greenland to trying to build the highest igloo on earth, the "big boy" Baltoro has always been on our side (now with a couple of holes here and there, but that's what you get if you put your crampons inside, right?). If you happen to be in Switzerland and are looking for a unique adventure, feel free to shout out to us - let's GO remote places together!


Johanna Nygård

Passionate skier and climber who eventually found myself home in the mountains after years of traveling. Left Sweden and the office-work for a mountain life in Engelberg, Switzerland. Founder of a mountain community and agency called @systraribergen, that strives to bring (especially) women together in the mountains without any prestige. I believe in connection to nature and ourselves. Love to share the adventure and guide people to explore our beautiful nature and help them become a stronger version of themselves.