Hydration Packs & Backpacks

What are hydration packs?

Hydration packs, often called water packs, for running, cycling, skiing, or any sports or outdoor activity for that matter, are designed to comfortably carry water outdoors and is making drinking more efficient and convenient without needing to stop for water breaks.

Hydration made simple

The hydration backpacks by Gregory fit comfortably on your back while you hardly notice they’re there. For all sportsmen and -women, or simply the meanderers, ramblers and roamers out there… The Gregory hydration backpacks for hiking are an excellent choice and are available in lots of colors and sizes and will keep you well hydrated on the trail.

Shop The Best Hydration Packs Online

the team of Gregory has put their heads together in recent years to develop the best hydration packs. This has been done by combining the best and most requested elements in a comfortable backpack that fits the needs of skiers, cyclists, marathon runners and generally people that love to spend lots of time outdoors.